Monday, November 23, 2009


As part of my Nov. 21st presentation at No Face, No Problem, I played a round of "Definitions" with the audience. The results are recorded here:

anal - to put your butt on each other.

apron - to leave slowly.

barf - to create or assemble from materials.

bog - to tidy or clean when one is supposed to be doing something more important.

dog - a pharmacological sleeping aid.

dream - noun: an object one acquires when in a state of turmoil. Falls from the ceiling.

duh - a thing smaller than a bread box.

emit - a special leotard-like strip which holds the toaster down before popping.

fear - too many Johnny's.

help! - is the feeling you get after a night of climbing trees and vomiting from the upper-most branches.

hotdog - adverb: swiftly, quickly and calmly.

kittens - verb: thinking with your eyes open while sleeping.

lugubrious - _____ (blank).

magnify - a great anticlimax.

oink - a drink that comes from a cow's udder.

oversion - not after the best before date.

poo - refers to the battle in 1893 in the fields of Archubacht. Colloquially means to burn diamonds in April.

redemption - red liquid in the body.

sebaceous - a vessel used for nice wine.

sexy - a large tree grown for its strong wood.

sheepish - what hangs lightly.

sick - a state of non-abrasive wonderment resulting in unexplored emotion.

thing - a form which transcends all living matter.

tiger - is the best thing that came out of 1992.

time - to simmer forcefully.

tintinnabulation - noun: sort of like an expensive thing you could buy, like a nice thing, only it's not so great.

yet - an obsolete currency.

_____ (blank) - a murky, deserted place.

In the game of "Definitions" each player writes a single word on the inside of a folded piece of paper. The slips of paper are then passed around the circle, or shuffled and redistributed, and each player then writes a "definition" (in the style of a dictionary definition but funny, serious, dramatic, poetic, absurd, stupid, whatever) on the outside of the folded piece of paper (without looking at the word inside, of course!). The slips are then unfolded and read out loud to the group.

The above definitions will be added to our "Recordist Lexicon" which we started back in the late 90's as part of IBRI's weekly open meeting series (IBRI = the International Bureau of Recordist Investigation, 1994 - 2004).

Unfortunately, I was not able to record the names of all of the participants. If you were there and would like to be credited just send me an email - davison(at)recordism(dot)com. A partial list of participants (the few people I knew and remember being there): Filip Anton, John Barlow, Marc Bell, Mark Connery, Jesjit Gill, Anna May Henry, Graham Hollings, Laura McCoy, Jon McCurley, Brian Random, Nicole Turok.

- William