Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Black Unicorn

On Mar. 30th, 2019, Sylwia Chrostowska, William A. Davison, Joёl Gayraud, Sherri Lyn Higgins, and Vittoria Lion, met again for discussion and collective writing. Heavy on the discussion, light on the writing, actually, but two rounds of "Definitions" were played -

Beaver - noun. a teacup once stood on the hindmost head of it; sleeps on its side; also known as the wignig.

The Black Unicorn - the glove used to handle excess ectoplasm spewed from the nostrils of twenty-five-year-old female mediums in specialized university slime farming facilities.

Curvature - a dam which breaks at midnight.

Feather - the dissent of the snakes when the winter comes back.

Horn - the beginning of a horrifying story.

House plant - (archaic) an eerie cry reported by miners who took a wrong turn supposed to be issued by abandoned mineshafts.

Inflatable - a window or point of egress.

Necrophilia - the foundation of the matter.

Palace - the rare and unique kind of lion that has a trunk.

Rabies - a perplexing moment at the bottom of a lake.

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