Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drawings, Oct. 19/09

Collective drawings from The Ossington Drawing Party held at The Ossington, Toronto, Oct. 19, 2009. Participants: W.A.Davison, S.Higgins, Larry Eisenstein, Jacob Hughes, Jesjit Gill, Mat Brown, Mark Bland, Ron Loranger.


  1. dump them to the other blogs too, others should get note of this!

  2. Thanks Patrick!

    And thanks for the reminder Jan. I don't always think to post to "the title we just forgot" etc. but I should. I will try to in future.

    Oh, and apologies for being so late in responding to these comments. I'm fairly new to blogging and only just now noticed that there were comments posted here. Shouldn't there be some kind of email notification when someone has left comments on your blog? Or at least something on your dashboard when you sign in!

    Oh well, I'll clue in someday...

  3. this is no thingy, no worries we sprung them tapes!